Common Misconceptions About Dentures

There are a lot of misconceptions about dentures. Often, people avoid getting them because they don’t know what the options are. When you decide on dentures Chicago dentists can answer your questions and ensure that you’re properly fitted.

They Hurt

One of the most common misconceptions about dentures is that they hurt. If the dentures are properly fitted, they are not going to hurt at all. You won’t even realize that they are there, which is the whole point. Sometimes, you will grow out of your dentures. This is why it is important to continue with regular visits to the dentist.

They Will Slip Out

There are a variety of products on the market that will prevent dentures from slipping out. You shouldn’t have a problem with dentures slipping when you are talking, eating or performing any other tasks. If you find that dentures are slipping, it is because you aren’t using sufficient product to keep them in place or they were not designed to fit your mouth.

You Can’t Eat the Foods You Love

Many people assume that they have to change their entire diet because of having dentures. Most food is not going to be a problem. You can eat steak, apples, and a variety of other foods that you love. When you first get fitted for dentures, you may have to start out slow. However, after you have grown accustomed to them, you should be able to eat just about anything.

By scheduling an appointment with a dentist, you can clear up some of the other misconceptions that you have. From there, you can get the dentures needed in order to avoid oral health issues. You can improve your appearance and ensure that you can eat the foods that you love.

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