Common Oral Health Concerns in Children

Kids should visit the dentist once per year for oral health care, per recommendations from the American Dental Association (ADA.) These annual visits detect any oral health problems before they become a major threat and teach kids a lifetime of good dental care. If your child experiences problems in between the annual visits, don’t hesitate to schedule a dental appointment. Delaying dental treatment only worsens their dental health.

Children may experience many of the same oral health issues as an adult, whether it is related to a cavity or a toothache, but they have their own list of concerns as well. For this reason, it is important to find a good pediatric dentist missouri city tx rather than use an adult dentist to care for your kid’s oral health. It is also important to teach your kids proper dental care from a young age. Helping younger kids brush their teeth is also important, since smaller kids may not get their teeth as clean as they should be. Older kids should also floss their teeth. Kids should brush their teeth twice per day, morning and night, for thorough oral health care.

Some of the most common issues that affect a child’s oral health include:

– Tooth Decay: Plaque acids and bacteria cause tooth decay. These acids and bacterial attack and destroy the enamel of the tooth very quickly. You can minimize tooth decay risks by giving your child water instead of juice and by offering healthy snacks rather than sweets and candy.
– Thumb Sucking: Thumb sucking is common in babies, but if it continues past infancy, it is a cause for concern. It could cause the teeth to grow in crooked or one of many other problems.
– Gum Disease: Also called periodontal disease, gum disease occurs when the gum tissue becomes inflamed. When gum disease isn’t taken care of on a timely basis, it can progress to tooth loss and bone damage. Poor oral hygiene is the most common culprit.
– Bad Breath: Bad breath is a problem everyone experiences from time to time. It is most common in the morning after waking up or after eating spicy foods or seafood. However, when bad breath doesn’t go away or becomes a problem, it is a condition known as halitosis and can cause problems such as dry mouth, inflamed gums, and other problems that may send you to a dentist.
– Tooth Grinding: Teeth grinding is a common problem for kids. Tooth grinding occurs at night in most patients, so it is not always easy for parents to decipher if their child is grinding their teeth. Pain and damage to the permanent teeth are two of the most common signs of tooth grinding. It is important to schedule dental service if your child grinds their teeth or you suspect they do.

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It is important to take your child to the dentist to address any of the concerns above. But it is equally important that you take them in for general care, too. The dentist is your child’s friend and with their services, your little ones can leave oral health concerns behind.