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Introduction To CDPAP – Learn Everything There Is For You To Know About It

Speaking of CDPAP, which is an abbreviated term for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, this is actually referring to an amazing program that enables consumers that are being taken care inside their premises to hire the service of a caregiver in accordance to their taste and preference, which may often include the views and opinions of their family members and closest friends. For those of you out there who encounter the said term for the very first time, we are sure that there are tons of questions inside your head. In this article, we will be writing down anything and everything that you have to know about regarding CDPAP that is why if you are interested in exploring the wonderful and wonder-filled world of CDPAP, learn about them here.

Above, we have already given you a brief definition of what CDPAP is all about and here, what we will be doing is to further our discussion with the said matter so if you are interested to know about them, better stick with us until the end. There are other things that you have to be aware of regarding CDPAP like the fact that it pertains to a New York State Medicaid programs which gives authority to consumers to direct, recruit and hire as well the home care workers they want to have. You can actually say that one of the highlights of the said program is how they allow consumers to get the service of their family members or even their friends. If you are wondering why there are so many consumers who are getting the service of their own family members or who are hiring their friend to take care of them, well, that is due to the fact that the feel more at ease and comfortable with them as they already know who they are and they can be themselves when they are with them.

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When you feel like applying for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program or CDPAP, they will be checking your eligibility for the said service and they will do this by using the three main criteria: ensuring that you have Medicaid, ensuring that you really require home care, and also; ensuring that you can do self-directing or if it is not possible for you, there should be someone who can do it for you. Albeit the fact that there are several other factors that can hinder you from passing the eligibility test for CDPAP, but if you can meet all the qualification stated above or if you are meeting them then you are good to go.

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