How to Overcome Your Fear of Tooth Extractions

Almost everyone, all over the world has gone through losing a tooth or having a tooth pulled out of their mouth. There are many reasons that people have to go through it. For some, extractions happen to heal tooth pain and for some is due to preventative measures. Many people neglect to have their tooth extracted because of the fear of dental anxiety. According to, at, 30 percent of adults in the United States reported to have poor teeth condition due to dental anxiety. No one wants to feel pain in their mouth and the feeling of someone working in your mouth incredibly uncomfortable. Many people experience dental anxiety so bad that they even avoid the dentist at all costs. According to, at, there is about 60 percent of people estimated to have dental anxiety in the United States. People tend to have intense fear of going to the dentist because they think about the pain they are going to endure. It is important to overcome your dental fears for procedures in order to maintain your overall dental health.

If you do not see the dentist your teeth will soon suffer the consequences. Normally, it is recommended that you see your dentist every 6 months for cleaning and exams. At this appointment you will have your dentist clean your teeth and properly examine your teeth to find out what is wrong. From here, your dentist will go over all the necessary work needed for treatment. You can also ask your dentist all the questions you have about all of the procedures that you will be getting. Make sure that you take time to find to write out a list of questions for your dentist. By asking questions, you are able to calm your anxiety and be able to be more likely to get over your anxiety faster. Also, keep in mind that all dental procedures that involve pain include anesthesia, which will numb the pain. You will not feel any pain from any of the procedures so remember that to help you keep calm.

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Some dental procedures are more uncomfortable than others depending on the type of procedure. For example, wisdom tooth extractions tend to be most feared over fillings because there is cutting, stitching and longer recovery time involved as opposed to fillings where there is no recovery time except for the numbing recovery. It is important that you find out more information from your dental company to help you calm your fears of dental procedures. You can try searching for different dental facilities by searching: wisdom tooth extractions Anchorage AK. From here you are able to find a list of medical facilities that you can contact to ask as many questions as you have. By asking questions you can help calm your anxiety because you will be more aware of what you’re going to encounter.

Overall, for the sake of your dental health, you need to overcome your fear of procedures. When you are able to overcome your fear of tooth extractions, you are able to overcome any other future procedure that is necessary. Make sure you communicate with your dentist help you cope with the anxiety.