Quick tips for fixing a cracked Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are designed to expand slightly so that it can be easy to remove and replace them on your teeth. There are numerous instances that may leave you with a cracked Invisalign. Maybe you dropped it, or you stretched it too far when putting it on or off.

Additionally, it could have splintered when you were sleeping or you forgot to remove it while you were eating and it cracked. A cracked Invisalign is quite hard to manage. Professionals like https://www.rejuvdentist.com/invisalign-new-york/ can obviously repair that but how can you fix it? Here’s a quick overview of how you can face this dilemma.

1. Be Careful

Assuming it’s not completely cracked, you want to take great care so that it doesn’t crack all the way. Continue to wear your Invisalign normally and always strive to put them on with care. You want it to last for as long as possible before you have to visit your dentist again or before you can think of a lasting solution.

2. Book An Appointment With Your Dentist

You may be inclined to find some type of glue to fix the crack on your Invisalign on your own.  To begin with, you wouldn’t know which adhesive from the hardware store is right. Secondly, any household glue you use may fail to repair your Invisalign, expose you to toxins or possibly even end up ruining it—something that you will find quite difficult to explain to your dentist once your next appointment is due.

It’s important to know that the only person allowed to do this is your dentist. Your dentist has the right tools and experience to fix your Invisalign if the damage isn’t too extensive. He or she can also prescribe a new set of Invisalign aligners if there was too much damage.

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3. Wear A Mouth Guard On Top Of Your Retainer

It is highly likely that if you choose to throw away your retainer, your teeth will revert back to the misaligned pattern. Cracking your Invisalign isn’t an emergency. And for this reason, you may be unable to see your doctor on demand. So, as you make your booking and wait for your appointment, what should you do? Well, you can still put on your aligner, but to hold it in place and to keep it from splintering and cracking further, you can purchase a protective mouth guard and wear it on top of your Invisalign. Note that this is only a temporary solution as you wait a few days at least until you get to see your dentist.

4. Get New Invisalign

When it comes to purchasing new Invisalign, you’ve got one of two options: have a new set of Invisalign aligners made for you or move on to the next set. Throughout your treatment, you will use several sets of Invisalign before your teeth are completely aligned. Normally, your dentist will ask you to put on one set for between two weeks and four weeks before you can advance and move on to the next set.

If you happen to crack your Invisalign way before you are due to advance to your next set, you will get new ones made for you at an extra cost. But if you only had a few days to go before you get to use the next set, then you skip the remaining days and put them on anyway. Be sure to first consult with your dentist to know which viable course of action to take.

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To keep your Invisalign from cracking, it is advisable that you always place it inside a container to keep it safe. Don’t eat food with your Invisalign on and be careful when removing them or when putting them back on. You must admit that cracking your Invisalign comes with a great deal of inconvenience. The truth is that it is avoidable. If by chance you end up cracking yours, refrain from fixing it yourself and use the tips above instead.

Don’t let a broken Invisalign set you back on your journey to that perfect smile. Get high-quality Invisalign in New York and you won’t have to suffer inconveniences and spend money paying for repairs and replacement of cracked or broken Invisalign.