Reasons to Visit the Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentists provide services that focus on the appearance of your teeth. This dental professional is not someone that you visit regularly like the general dentist, but instead when there is an issue that causes you a lack of confidence in your smile. No matter what is affecting your smile, the cosmetic dentist can help you find the smile that you’ve lost but want.

A cosmetic dentist is a dental specialist who focuses his services on the appearance of an individual’s mouth. There is no recommended cosmetic dentistry schedule to maintain as there is with a general dentist. In fact, some people never visit this dentist. Make an appointment only if aesthetic issues cause concern. The cosmetic dentist can help children, teens, and adults regain a smile that allows them confidence and security.

A New Shade of White

Schedule an appointment with the cosmetic dentist if you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth. Many things can discolor the teeth, causing them to stain or turn yellow or brown in color. Teeth whitening alleviates the discolorations, revealing the beautiful white teeth you want. Coffee, tea, and smoking are a few of the main causes of tooth discoloration. Whitening alleviates that concern instantly. Do not confuse this procedure with tooth cleaning, a service the general dentist provides. Tooth whitening uses a bleaching technique to achieve three to four shades whiter teeth. Results last for several weeks with proper dental care.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are used to hide imperfections in the teeth that may cause you a lack of confidence. This includes chipped and cracked teeth as well as discolored teeth. The veneers last about 10 years and are removable, though it is possible to eat with them inside of your mouth.

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Do You Need a Root Canal?

A severe infection in the tooth may require a root canal. This is a procedure that no one wants to endure but is oftentimes necessary to prevent infecting the other teeth and to eliminate sensitivity and pain. Do not panic if the dentist alerts you to the need for a root canal. This procedure will eliminate many of the problems that you now experience. Your general dentist will refer you to the services of a cosmetic dentist if it is suspected that a root canal is necessary.

Tooth Replacement Options

Missing one or more teeth from your mouth? A cosmetic dentist davidson nc has several solutions to resolve this problem, including partial dentures, full dentures, and dental implants. Partial dentures are prosthetic teeth created to fit a specific tooth or teeth missing from the mouth. Full dentures are used when all the teeth have been removed from the mouth. Dental implants are a great denture alternative that offers a solution that is more like your own natural teeth.

Regain Your Bright, Beautiful Smile

The general dentist will help you care for the health of your teeth, mouth, and gums and the cosmetic dentist will ensure that healthy smile is one that you’re proud to show off to the world. Cosmetic dentists provide the services listed above as well as dozens of others that will improve the look of your smile. No matter what type of issues are holding you back from a confident smile, the cosmetic dentist has the perfect treatment solution.