Taking the Best Care of Your Feet

People with diabetes face unique challenges when it comes to their podiatric health. Their feet are particularly at risk of developing festering wounds and gangrene that could lead to amputations of the toes and feet. They cannot feel sensation in this part of their body because of neuropathy or serious damage to the nerves.

Along with inspecting their feet on a daily basis, diabetics also can benefit by seeking out medical care from specialists who are trained to treat adult diabetics. By enlisting the help of an endocrinologist, nerve doctor, or podiatrist Altamonte Springs FL patients like you can take the best care of your feet and avoid serious damages and complications that can come from wounds, cuts, and injuries.

Treatment for Cuts and Wounds

Diabetics cannot afford to allow a cut or wound on their feet go without prompt treatment. They cannot simply wash out the injury and put a bandage over it. They have to stay on top of the damage to their foot if they do not want the injury to fester.

Rather than keep watch on it alone, diabetics are encouraged to report the injury and seek treatment for it from a foot specialist. A podiatrist who is trained to treat diabetics can make sure the injury heals without causing more damage to the skin and tissue. The doctor may also be able to use treatments like laser heat, antibiotics, and other medications to help the wound heal.

Amputation Prevention

If the wound goes deeper into the muscle and tissues, it may need surgical care to prevent it from festering into other parts of the foot particularly the bone. The podiatrist may be able to cut away some of the damaged tissue. Lancing could allow the area to heal without causing the infection to spread to blood vessels, nerves, and bone tissue.

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This measure can be a last resort for the prevention of amputations. If the wound is not treated but allowed to spread, the patient may have no choice but to have toes or all of the foot removed.