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Mental Health And The Signs To Look Out For

Of late mental health recognition is on the rise and also there is a sure to break the notion that mental is less important than physical illness. People will tend to tell you to get up and deal with whatever is depressing you and be very quick to tell you to get well quick if you have a flu. In times like this where research shows that there are very many people suffering from mental illnesses you should be able to recognize if any of your family members or friends have any symptoms.

Self Care Breakdown And Fighting To Do Daily Chores

If you are suffering from ill mental health it becomes very hard to do even the simple tasks. Sometimes even getting out of bed is not easy, you do not even have the energy to cook for yourself or even cook an egg for yourself.

A routine that you used to go through everyday will breakdown and you may not even recognize when it started getting bad. In case you notice that suddenly you are not taking care of yourself as you used to or even a loved one, this is a serious ill mental health sign. Are you unable to sleep well, find yourself constantly cancelling plans, hygiene, diet and staying away from work?

No Enjoyment Or Motivation From Anything In Life

It is wrong to assume that a person sick from ill mental health is lazy. This is a wrong misconception as this is a person who is not enjoying anything in life.

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Depending On Drugs To Get By

This is connected to the point where you are unable to do daily tasks.
Many people choose the time they will take on a particular task. If you find someone using substance to be able to do some tasks or boost their energy do not be surprised. Drugs can give someone a feeling of relaxation from anxiety. Do not shy away from seeking for help from professionals, Sometimes therapy, drugs and alcohol treatment is important. You will understand why you feel the way you do. If a person decides to use drugs and alcohol to get by the day you will increase addiction levels and it might not be easy to stay without them.

Excess Fright

People who experience panic attacks express them as a feeling that made them think they were going to die.

The feeling that leaves you not knowing what is happening makes it even worse. Talk to ill mental health patients about the symptoms of panic attacks and how they are managed. If you are getting a panic attack for the first time, you might have to try and slow down your breathing and get lots of fresh air.