The Beginners Guide To Brakes (Chapter 1)

Why Should You Get Regular Brake Service?

No one would dare to compromise their vehicle’s brake system because it is among the things that make a car safe. If you hear squealing or grinding every time you hit the brake pedal, then you should not doubt of having it inspected ASAP. There are a number of things that could go wrong with the brakes which can reduce its safety and increase braking distance as well.

By having it checked by the pros, they will do any of the following, assuming that there is an issue with your car brakes like replacing worn brake pads, replacing of machine rotors, flushing brake fluid, lubricating caliper slides as well as other metal contact points, cleaning and adjusting brake shoes and hardware and examining the brake wear sensors.

As time goes by, some brake parts are wearing out and have to be either replaced or serviced. The brakes of your car may be drum or disc type but there are some that uses both. The disc brakes are using calipers that utilize pads in order to have a firm hold of the brake rotor which then slows your vehicle. The drum brakes on the other hand are pushing the shoes inside of the drum in order to put the vehicle to a complete stop. The rotors, the pads and shoes will wear out as time passes by and when such thing happens, it ought to be replaced to keep the car’s safety on road. There are cases to which the rotors could be machined in order to give them new contact surface for pads.

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Generally, there is a higher chance for the front brakes to worn out faster than the rear; this is due to the fact that the entire weight of the car is shifted to the front while it’s slowing down. Thanks to non-stop efforts and research applied by car manufacturers, they were able to find ways on how to distribute the weight of the car evenly that lessens strains on front brakes.

More modern and luxurious vehicles have built-in brake pad wear sensors which is displaying indicator light when the brakes worn down. When the sensor is on onto the dashboard, it means that it has to be serviced. When the brakes are serviced, it’s natural to replace the sensors as well. Fluids play an important role to any car. In relation to this matter, we are more focused on brake fluid that is compressed every single time you hit the brakes which the shoes or pads get contact with the drums or rotors.

Never compromise your road safety by having the brake system checked regularly.

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