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Enjoy a Better Dating Experience With 3D Crest white Strips

When you meet a person for the first time,they are highly likely to notice the way you smile and more importantly the kind of teeth you have. Most men would prefer dating women who have clean,white teeth and will avoid women who have teeth that appear stained.

In truth,the color and shape of your teeth could be indicative of other important things such as the status of your personal health. It is for these reasons that a lot of people want to have their teeth looking clean,white,strong and healthy. It is also why Americans spend an estimated 1 billion dollars every year on dental procedures.

One of the proven ways of getting those teeth to look whiter and healthier is use of teeth whitening strips.

The following are some of the reasons teeth may take on a coloration that can sometimes be an acute deviation from pure whiteness.

You love your coffee,red wine and tea but these may be doing a lot of harm as far as teeth appearance is concerned;they are known to make teeth look stained.

This substance contains two destructive compounds,tar and nicotine which deny you those white teeth you would prefer.

While you can avoid,wine,tea and tobacco,there is nothing you can do about the reality of growing old. As we age, our teeth tend to lose the whitish part called enamel,and a yellowish part called dentin shows through.

As if the trauma it causes is not enough,chemotherapy also causes darkening of teeth. Children who are exposed to some antibiotics such as Tetracycline or Doxycycline whether in their mothers’ wombs or after birth are highly likely to have teeth discoloration at later stages of development.

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There are all manner of products out there that are lauded as possessing the power to whiten teeth,but do they really work?

A product that has peroxide as part of its formulation can and will whiten your teeth. This teeth whitening method is called chairside bleaching.

Did you know that with a little knowledge and the right you could solve your problem at home? If you live in the U.K,all you have to do is buy Crest teeth whitening strips and your problem will be as good as solved.

Crest white strips contain a certain level of a bleaching agent (peroxide) which works out the discoloration from your teeth. Remember we had said earlier that dentists use a protective gel before they apply the bleach?This is not needed when you are doing it at home because Crest white strips contain a lower amount of bleach concentration,which keeps your gums safe.

It can be traumatizing to be viewed negatively by future potential boyfriends or girlfriends,but luckily, Crest white strips or a visit to a qualified dentist will do the trick.