The Importance of Having Straight and Healthy Teeth

Orthodontic treatments often leave you with the idea that this dental service only encompasses fixing alignment and spacing issues in minors. But this isn’t entirely true, because childrens orthodontist Cincinnati OH, ensures there are greater benefits involved that extend beyond just the cosmetic feature of dental treatments.

When alignment issues are identified at an earlier age, it helps dentists intervene in time to fix these problems before the teeth undergo further development. This way your child can start and finish the correction process without having to experience teeth problems for a longer period of time.

An orthodontic treatment includes many different types of appliances, such as braces, and retainers that are either permanent or semi-permanent. They are also removable teeth aligners and jaw braces that help reposition the jaw correctly. These appliances place gentle pressure on the teeth and jaws, so they can take the correct form and position. It is best to consult dentists so that they may decide according to the seriousness of your problem which orthodontic method is likely to be more effective for you.

The Benefits of Straighter Teeth

There are other benefits to having straighter teeth besides just the cosmetic features. These are the multiple advantages to getting an orthodontic treatment earlier in time:

– It reduces the amount of time otherwise needed for an orthodontic treatment
– An early treatment helps prevent prolonged overbite, underbite and crossbite problems
– It allows dentists to guide the teeth into right positions without having to adjust them once they’ve erupted
– It helps prevent teeth removal
– It enables children to keep a good hygiene as straight teeth are easier to clean
– It prevents tooth decay

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Signs Your Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment

Routine checkups with the dentist helps you stay on top of your child’s health progression. Not every child need braces but many do. Even if your child has the perfect set of primary teeth, his teeth alignment may regress with time due to bad eating habits. A dentist can detect the onset of any teeth complications in time. If your dentist suspects problematic teeth or jaw development he or she will conduct visual exams and dental x-rays, to track and diagnose any abnormalities.

You can also watch for signs that are clearly indicative of your child needing orthodontic treatment. Usually, the need for orthodontic treatments are exhibited by children who experience one or more of the following conditions:

– Premature loss of baby teeth (this could be due to various reasons. One of the most common reason is tooth decay)
– Irregular eruption of baby teeth
– Complications in chewing and biting
– Misaligned teeth
– Crowded or crooked teeth
– A disproportionate jaw
– Noisy shifting and moving of the jaw
– Chronic breathing from the mouth instead of the nose
– Speech problems

Often times, your child may not even show obvious signs but can still be at risk for developing oral complications. Therefore, you’re advised to schedule your child’s first orthodontist screening at no later age than the age of seven. The orthodontist may be able to detect issues that aren’t visible to you.