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Advent Devotionals: Understanding the Real Meaning of Advent

Advent season is a time to hope and wait. Basically, Advent is four Sundays before the Christmas day and will end during the eve of Christmas to serve as some sort of preparation for the birth of the baby Jesus Christ. The term Advent is a Latin term that basically means coming.

In the past centuries, the Advent wreath was the one that is being used by the Christians to build up the anticipation and their belief that Jesus is now coming and that they must prepare. This is the perfect time for every Christian family to be lighting the candles from the Advent wreath and be reading Advent devotionals and Bible verses that will give them some reminder of the real meaning of the birth of Jesus and what this implies on the lives of people in the past, present, and the coming years.

When you look at the candles found in the Advent wreath, you will come to terms that they have varying meanings across places but what holds true among them is the center candle that is said to mean the time when Jesus Christ was given to the world. For some countries, these four candles could mean love, joy, peace, and hope. When you will be visiting other churches, these four candles will then be taken as something that will mean some of the most important people during the birth of Christ such as the angels, the shepherds, Mary, and Joseph. There are still some people, however, that focus on waiting and be having various meanings of waiting as reflected on these four candles until the middle and final candle will be reached to mean the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Advent devotionals will let you in on the meaning of each of these candles, the Advent wreath, its meaning, and what you can do to wait for the coming of Jesus Christ in the most meaningful manner. The best part about Advent devotionals is the fact that you will first be explained what are the different colors of the candles that you can find around the Advent wreath. What might be common in your church could be your candles could be in 1 pink color and 3 blue color or purple color candles where the middle candle will be colored white. When it comes to the other candles in some Advent wreaths, you will see that all of their candles are colored white. By looking at the Advent wreaths and reading Advent devotionals, you will be able to be amazed that you will be taught about the real meaning of the purple candles to serve as something that will mean that you are waiting patiently for the birth of Jesus Christ. The pink candle means having some joy in waiting. The birth of Jesus Christ will also mean the coming of Jesus Christ.

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