What Happens If You Develop an Under-bite? – What to Expect

It does not matter how dedicated you are to your oral health, there are genetic dental conditions that cannot be prevented, and an under-bite is one of these unpreventable conditions. It is important to note that just because you are unable to prevent an under-bite from developing, that does not mean you cannot have it corrected. It is not a condition you have to live with for the rest of your life.

What Causes an Under-bite 

An under-bite is a condition that occurs when the lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw. It creates the appearance of an overly pronounced lower jaw that protrudes.

The severity of the misalignment can cover a wide range. The condition may be barely noticeable, or it could be severely noticeable. Under-bites are a condition that affect a small percent of the population and is a lot less common than an overbite. Only 10 percent of the population suffers from an under-bite, but those who do can have daily difficulties that can become long-term issues.

What Changes Does an Under-bite Cause? 

An under bite causes several changes to the life of someone who is affected. Here are some symptoms to look for if you believe you, or your child is developing an under-bite.

Since underbites are far less common than an overbite, people who do have one feel as though they are noticed more often, which makes them self-conscious about their appearance. This is a valid observation because it is not often that you see someone with a protruding chin, which makes them stand out.

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To make certain sounds, the top and bottom teeth must align. Examples of these sounds are the ones you make when pronouncing “f” and “s.” If you have an under-bite and your teeth don’t line up, you might have substantial difficulty making the sounds required to enunciate these letters.

If you have an under-bite, there are is a very good chance you have a dominant lower lip. This may cause your smile to appear droopy or appear as a partial frown. Unfortunately, an under-bite may cause your bottom lip to be out farther than it should be, until it is corrected.

An activity that most people take for granted, like chewing, can become extremely difficult if your teeth do not align properly. Someone with a severe under bite will face a higher risk of choking on their food because they are unable to chew their food completely before they swallow. . If you or your child have an under bite, contact your family dentist Phoenix AZ.

Even if you are not trying to, or the action is completely unintentional, your jaw constantly works to align your teeth. When it is unable to accomplish this, the jaw develops increased pressure. This can lead to headaches and jaw pain that stand in the way of your daily life. There is also an association between people who have an under bite, and those who develop TMJ due to added pressure being placed on their jaw.

As you can see, an under bite is more than just a cosmetic issue. It can affect every aspect of your daily life, including activities like chewing and smiling. There are several treatments available for people who have an under bite

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