What is the Role of a Fiber Supplement When Losing Weight?

When a patient receives a health scare at Lahey Hospital, they are often told to potentially lose weight to mitigate risk and become healthier. It is a challenging proposition. For better or worse, there are millions of websites available to offer good and bad information. It seems that losing weight is actually rather easy based on marketing, but most people know that this just isn’t true.

Unfortunately, marketers will take advantage of an eager patient’s desire to lose weight. One such area is fiber supplements. Some may state that fiber supplements support weight loss and it is possible to lose weight by taking fiber supplements daily.

Fiber Only

There are a few flaws to this argument. The first is that fiber supplements are just fiber. They do not have the many other compounds needed for a varied and healthy diet. Patients may want to take fiber supplements alone while retaining their same dietary choices. This will lead to a very little change in weight loss or health because the fiber is not very effective on its own.

The body needs the many other aspects of health to support healthy weight loss, from B12 to calcium. Fiber supplements can also cause sickness as many patients are not used to the extra intake of fiber at such concentrated levels.

A Health Plan

A much smarter approach is to support a wider health plan with some high-fiber food additions. Instead of taking fiber supplements, patients can find natural fibers in bread, nuts, and seeds. The natural fibers will be far more effective and cost a whole lot less. Also, the natural fibers will come with other healthy and vital fats, as well as gluten. Both of these support losing weight in a healthy way.

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When looking at supplements, remember that a natural and varied diet of real food is almost universally superior as a choice. Supplements can be effective, but not as effective. They can be healthy, but not as healthy. Reach out to the team at Lahey Hospital here for coordinating a nutritional plan that drops the pounds and pushes towards a healthier life.